Mittens for BabyA lot of newborns have nails that grow quickly and can be quite sharp. While those nails may not be much of a problem for the parents, who can brush off unintentional attacks with indifference, babies will often scratch themselves with their fingernails.

They are curious about their faces- their nose, eyes and mouth. They will likely scratch each of them multiple times unless something is done about their little talons. Parents have two major options’ on how to deal with those quickly growing baby nails.

They can either place mittens over them or cut the nails. Both come with problems, as becomes evident to any parent who has to deal with this issue.

Newborn baby clothes are hard enough to buy without having to shop for baby mittens as well. Not all babies have the same size hands, so what is a comfortable fit for one baby may be too big or small for another. Mittens also keep them from using their hands the way they would like, and many babies get comfort from having their hands on their face. They may want to suck their thumb or play with their fingers, which they would be unable to do inside mittens.

If their nails are cut, a whole new batch of problems arises. Trying to cut a newborn’s nails is a difficult task, with the squirming baby making it hard to cut only what the parent wants it. There is always the chance that the baby’s hand will be injured or that the parent will hold their hand too hard while trying to keep it still.

So, while shopping for newborn baby clothes on sites like newborn baby clothes, parents may be tempted to buy baby mittens, but they need to think about the pros and cons of doing so first. Not all babies benefit from the wide range of newborn baby clothes available. Some of them will do better if they are wearing fewer accessories and unnecessary clothing, while others will be just fine. Each parent needs to consider their options and make the choice they believe will be best for their child.