What Is BPAP And Why Is Different From CPAP

If you have been diagnosed with OSA (obstructive sleep apnea), your sleep physician has already prescribed you with one of the several types of PAP machines for your sleeping disorder, a CPAP, a BPAP machine, or even an APA machine. BPAP is the acronym for bilevel positive airway pressure, and it has a similar function to a CPAP treatment. CPAP and BPAP machines are very similar in function that they are a non-invasive form of therapy for those suffering from sleep apnea. If you suffer from obstructive sleep apnea, read more here to look for possible solutions to your condition.

These are the differences between a BPAP and a CPAP machine

  • BPAP mitigates one of the most common complaints of using a CPAP machine: One of the most common complaints when using a CPAP machine, is that patients find the constant singular pressure uncomfortable to breathe against. Exhaling might be challenging for some patients that are using CPAP devices at higher pressures. But when using a BPAP device, patients can breathe easier as the machine reduces the pressure level during exhalation, and this allows the patient to exhale more easily and breathe more comfortably.
  • BPAP devices have two pressure settings: The main difference between BPAP and CPAP devices is that BPAP machines have two pressure setting: One pressure for inhalation, and a lower pressure for exhalation. The BPAP device is created to increase the pressure when you inhale, keeping the airways in your nose and throat from closing while you are sleeping, and provides a lower pressure during exhalation that maintains an open airway. Several patients find BPAP more comfortable that the single pressure delivered by CPAP devices.
  • BPAP and CPAP devices often cater to different needs: People with muscle and nerve problems might take advantage from the BPAP machine rather than the CPAP one. BPAP devices can be set to make sure that users breathe a certain number of times per minute. The difference in inhalation and exhalation pressures reduces the work of breathing and permits the person to have a more restful sleep. The CPAP machine is usually used to treat mild to moderate sleep apnea. Depending on the severity of sleep apnea, your doctor might recommend you a BPAP machine instead. Patients that require high levels of CPAP pressure are often more comfortable using a BPAP device.

Keep in consideration that the main differences between these two devices depend on your needs. Each person responds differently to each treatment method, so it is recommended that you follow your sleep physician advice based on your tests and treatment results of course. An appropriate testing is essential to determine what treatment would suit your needs better and what settings are appropriate for you. Keep in mind that both devices are beneficial for patients with sleep disordered breathing, and using the appropriate therapy is crucial to keep sleepers breathing. This video will help you understand better the use of a BPAP machine because it provides the whole process of a BPAP respiratory therapy and all the things that imply.

Why Choose Folding Bikes?

Today, folding bikes are becoming more popular to many people, particularly to many commuters. In fact, many folding bike companies are working hard and keep this growth in the market. This is because bikes can really help commuters to have easy transportation. It is designed and made for transportation and compact storage. If you have struggle with your daily transportation, this is great news for you.

Advantages of Modern Folding Bikes

• Save your money

You will be able to save more money when you have a folding bike. There will be no more problems when it comes to your transportation and no parking tickets. If you will travel by subway/train, you can bring your folding bike with you.

• Convenience

Another advantage of a folding bike is that, it is more convenient to use especially if you are living or working in a city where there is no available parking spot for your car. With this bicycle, you can quickly reach your destination and no parking spot needed as you can just fold it and bring it with you. Find out more about this best commuter bike online.

• Great Exercise

Folding bike is also one of the best sources of your daily exercise. Instead of spending your time sitting in your couch, why not do some great exercise while sitting. Driving a folding bike can help to improve ones’ health and lose weight.

• Efficient

This folding bikes are very efficient and it makes your journey more practical. As they come with three gears and 20-Inch wheels that allows you to climb small or medium hills. With the smaller wheels of this modern folding bikes, it has lightweight, more durable and easier to use.

Other Advantages:

 Thief proof
 Unrestricted & free carriage in public transport
 Space- saving
 Higher resale value

Not all the folding bikes fold in seconds or fit in suitcase, but significantly smaller and travel free. Folding bikes can be open up anywhere and you are free to travel anywhere with this folding bike that gives you magic quality.

What is medical identity theft

What Is Medical Identity Theft

medical identity theft protectionMany people are aware of thieves who obtain their information and steal their identity, credit card numbers, and even hack into their bank accounts. However, many people are unaware of the ever rising medical identity theft that has been plaguing honesty hard working families all across the world. In the year 2013 alone, millions of people fell victim to medical identity theft, unable to do anything about it until it was too late. However, keeping yourself informed is the best way to stop, spot, and prevent medical Identity theft from happening to you.

What is Medical Identity Theft?

Medical Identity theft happens when someone gains access your personal information without your knowledge or authorization such as your social security number, your name, and your Medicare or health insurance number and uses it to receive medical services. When a theft steals your medical identity they can receive medical care, obtain prescription drugs, submit fake bills to your insurance using your name, receive medical devices, and even receive medical reimbursements.

Effects of Medical Identity

If you happen to fall victim to medical Identity theft and do not catch it in time, there are several negative consequences that you will face because of it. Not only does medical identity theft line the pockets of unworthy thieves, it can also cause you to lose out on thousands of dollars do to financial repercussions enforced by your insurance provider. Even more so, medical Identity theft can ultimately destroy your credit making it virtually impossible to obtain a home, car, or student loan. However, the most important way that medical identity theft can affect your life is by having the wrong information put into your medical file. This can lead to life threatening consequences if they are not caught in time.

How Do Thieves Obtain Your Information?

There are many ways that thieves can obtain your medical information without your knowledge. A common way that thieves steal your information is by posing as a doctors office or medical personal over the phone. They will contact you and inform you that they need more information from you, leading you to unknowingly give your information to thieves instead of an actual doctor. Additionally, if you share your diagnosis or medical information on a social media site, these thieves can use this information to receive medical services or products through your insurance that would not raise any warning signs with your insurance because its a medical condition you actually suffer from.

How To Avoid Medical Identity Theft

There are many ways to prevent or spot medical identity theft before before drastically effects your life. To begin, always look closely at your explanation of benefits and insurance summary notice pamphlets that you receive to ensure that you have received true services that are listed on it. Everyone has the right to view their medical records to check for any errors or mistakes. If there is any incorrect information or you spot something suspicious be sure to request your medical records and report anything that doesn’t belong there. Even more so, never under any circumstances give your insurance or medical information out to anyone except your doctor’s. More over, do not share your medical problems, diagnosis, or information on social media sites.

What To Do If You Fall Victim Of Medical Identity Theft

If you happen to fall victim to medical identity theft it is important to address this issue immediately before it destroys various aspects of your life. First off, you will need to contact your local police department and make a report about the medical Identity theft. Get a copy of your credit reports, or better yet, sign up for a credit monitoring service plan so you know exactly what damage has already been done by the theft. Afterwards, you will need to contact the federal trade commission via their website or by calling their identity theft hotline. Furthermore, it is important to contact your insurance company, as well as your health care providers to inform then of the medical identity theft your currently going through and ask them to be on the look out for anything suspicious.